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Currently a second year student at the University of Lincoln, studying Sport and Exercise Science. I have been a course rep not only for my two years at university, but also whilst being at college too! I really enjoy seeing how the university involves it’s students in quality assurance and also like being able to not only voice my own opinions on matters, but to hear and voice the opinions of others too!

I feel that this project will obviously be beneficial to the university in highlighting it’s strengths and weaknesses in student engagement, but also I feel that I will personally benefit from bing involved in this project, as already I have learned more about how the university is run, and how matters are dealt with through the rep scheme.

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I am a 2nd year nursing student at the University of Lincoln.  I have an active role within the faculty of Health, Life and Social Sciences; working as both a course representative and a School Liaison Representative.

I have a keen interest and passion for student engagement and as such I am excited to have been asked to work as part of the research team on this project.  Having worked within the capacity of my roles, I have been engaged with both my programme and the university and as such have benefited from these opportunities.  It is my hope that through conducting this research that we can assist the faculty in improving and enhancing the engagement with between students and academics and therefore create a more dynamic and exciting partnership with the university and embrace the philosophy of the’ student as producer’ initiative.


I am a second year nursing student. I am active member of my course acting as one of the co-representatives for my cohort supporting my fellow nursing students with any issues that they may have and act as one of the vital links between the nursing students and our academic staff. I also sit on the student experience committee as a senior student representative. My specific role on the committee is to ensure that the voice of any student that is on placement is heard. Being on the student experience committee also allows me to feed back to the members, which is made up of senior academic staff and student union officers, a voice for the students.

I was very excited to be part of this research project because I am very enthusiastic about students being involved in their courses and their voices being heard. The aim of this research was to find out how involved students really are with their faculties and the mechanisms in which they can do this. I wanted to be part of this not only because I was curious of the answer my self but to also see if there are a number of students within our faculty with passion to make change.

I feel very privileged to be part of this research and look forward to the results.


I am a Principal Teaching Fellow in the Faculty of Health, Life and Social Sciences and am working on this exciting project as our findings are going to be very informative for my work with the Faculty Teaching and Learning Committee as we explore ways in which we can enhance the meaningful participation of students in these processes.


Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Health, Life and Social Sciences and am working with my collegaues and students on this project. The way in which students engage in programmes and provide feedback is one that is of a great interest to me. It is hoped that this project will help us gain an insight into how we can develop methods to enable students to interact with lecturers to identify good practice and also how programmes can be further developed based on student feedback.


I am a second year sport and exercise science student. I am currently a course rep and have been for the previous two years. I am also heavily involved within the rugby union society. This project will hopefully go some way in engaging students in the decision making processes within the University and i look forward to looking at current practice and hopefully improving upon this.

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